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Corporate Travel Services

Corporate Travel Management

Travel and entertainment costs are often a company’s largest controllable expenses. Effectively managing corporate travel makes for quick and dramatic reductions to any company’s bottom line. IVT is one of the largest corporate management company in Abu Dhabi and has set-up exclusive departments for providing bespoke services to its customers.

Corporates Sales Department

Catering exclusively to the specialized needs of companies and other establishments in the private sector. Being our corporate client has its many advantages. Services are offered at an exceptionally excellent value. Each company will be provided with a dedicated Account Manager, who will take care of all travel requirements and queries of their employees. In addition to personalized attention and assistance in organizing travel plans, it ensures excellent travel options and cost saving solutions.

Government Sales Department

It is a highly successful service concept tailor-made for Ministries and Government Entities. Special service teams are assigned to anticipate, understand, and meet the travel requirements of various department. It is a challenging task, considering the critical and high-profile travel schedules of Government missions and official trips. Enabled by well-established worldwide network and dedicated, experienced personnel, IVT accomplishes this task with flawless accuracy to the utmost satisfaction of its clients.

Implant Offices

The ultimate offering in personalized services. An IVT office in the client’s premises, exclusively catering to the travel needs of the company’s employees. Also known as on-site offices, this facility offers specialized services real time for client’s travel requirements. With IVT at the helm of your business travel, you will experience a guaranteed framework of optimized, sustainable, and affordable trips.

Sports & Adventure Tourism

Being at the forefront of adventure & with the help of a group of creative professionals, we promise to provide you with the best experience you surely crave. Whether you are a professional, amateur or a sport enthusiast, we help you identify major sports events & adventure attractions around the world. Providing you with all the information & assistance needed for you to live spirited authentic local experiences.